Monday, December 1, 2008

Please Pray

Good morning all. I hope that all of you are fine this cold December morning. I really wish that I was still at home in my PJ's. I am asking that anyone who reads this to please pray for Jenna. She is the 4 year old daughter of our dear friends Neal and Keri. She has had seizures off and on since birth and they have been treated with medications. However, in the last few weeks she has gotten worse. She has been to several different doctors and nothing has helped. Part of her brain never comes of the the seizure. Anyway, she has spent several days at Children's in Birmingham and she was able to come home for Thanksgiving. They are going back this morning. They plan to talk with the doctors about removing the part of the brain that this is happening too, so that hopefully she will get better. Anyway, as you can tell this is a BIG DEAL and they really need all of the prayers that they can get.

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momx2 said...

Oh dear, I know what they are feeling, on some level. Avery's are not that bad, but even a minor seizure scares the crap out of a parent. Please tell her I am praying for her and email me her number if you get a chance. Thanks for posting this. I will tell everyone I know to pray!