Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Trees

I love decorating for Christmas! I begin thinking about how I will decorate for Christmas in July when my Southern Living Christmas book is delivered. This year I thought that I would not do as much or put up as many trees. Well, once I started.... I ended up adding a new tree this year in mine and Donnie's bedroom. Oh well, tis the season. Here are some pictures.The pictures are small, but if you click on the image you get a better picture.


momx2 said...

Its really pretty Leanne. Enjoy it while you can. I have to start everything 4 feet off the ground now...and Avery has to "help." Its not as pretty but its sure fun!

A Lovell said...

FIVE TREES! Have you lost your mind? Just kidding, they all look great. You have a lot more energy than me though, I thought I was crazy putting up 2 trees.