Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just a Normal Day on the Farm.....

Ha Ha. We are so not farmers, but we do own a few cows.  We recently had a couple of new baby calves.  Something was wrong with the mama cow so for about a week the baby had to be bottle feed and the mama cow had to be milked.  The little ones were so excited to help out with this. 

Daniel was all ready with the big bottle.   
We had to make sure the big cows were out of the way. 
Daniel decided he would feed the baby first. 
He would just giggle as the calf ate. 
Next up was Langdon's turn. 
Finally Katie Lee.  She was not as fond of this as the boys, but she took her turn. 

Love these three little ones. 
Checking on the rest of the cows. 
And another calf. 
Aww it really is cute. 
Love this picture of these two.  The red hot faces and Langdon holding on to Daniel so he will not fall out of his seat on the way back to the barn. 

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