Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Morning

Once again Katie Lee and Daniel must have been very good girls and boys this year because Santa had lots of treats.
I love watching them run into the living room on Christmas morning and seeing what they have.
Daniel ran straight to his "very own John Deere lawn mower."
Katie Lee was super excited over all of it.
Daniel just sat for a long time.  :)
It did not take them long to start unwrapping gifts.  Complete excitement over everything.

Giving gifts to Daddy.

I got lots of wonderful treats too.  The best gift is having my wonderful littles and husband.  I am truly blessed.
I kept our Christmas morning breakfast this year very simple with sausage ball and cinnamon rolls.
A few more treats.

Daniel loaded all his gifts into his wagon.  He had to wait until the battery finished charging so drive it.  Ain't he cute.
He also spent his time doing a little reading.
Katie Lee was busy planning all day long.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas.

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