Thursday, June 5, 2014

Puddle Jumping Kind of Day

It has rained a lot today which makes for lots of fun puddles. Katie Lee went to VBS with Stephanie today and Daniel and I decided to play outside a little.

Daniel started out jumping in the little puddles in the drive.  He thought he was something.   

Then I decided that he needed to play in some real puddles.  Water always stands in the yard between Mother and Daddy's house and Jane and Gary's.  Over the years, we have all played in this water, so now was Daniels turn.  He thought this was the greatest thing ever. 

I just knew that he would slip and fall in it but he never did. 

Thought he might just sit down, but he didn't. 

He just ran and jumped.  Every so often he would stop so the water in his boots could be dumped out. 

Sometimes he just needed to dance in the rain. 

We may be back to jump some more tomorrow so Katie Lee can play too. 

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