Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 7--RELAX

By our last day, Katie Lee had had enough of going and wanted to stay and swim.
She got much better with her swimming once we left her alone and she just figured it out on her own. 

We had an early supper at Ohana.  This was Donnie's FAVORITE meal--lots of meat. 
Katie Lee like playing the games. 

Yummy dessert. 

After dinner we headed back to Epcot because we had not seen its fireworks. 

It was one of the prettiest light shows. 
As we were walking out that night, Katie Lee stops us and tells us thank you for taking her and she tells us that we are the best parents ever.  Melt our hearts.  I was so glad that we were able to take her. She was just the best little thing during our entire trip. 
We all had a wonderful time, but was so happy to get back home to be with Daniel too. 

Mickey Mouse--We will see you real soon!!!

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Courtney said...

It has been fun following along on your trip. Glad you had a magical time.