Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love These Two

I love how my two little ones are really loving playing together here lately. Katie Lee is such a great big sister and Daniel is learning so much from her. Last night, she was helping him walk. He thought it was so funny that she was walking with him.
They about lost it here, but she was so sweet saying you can do it little buddy. I love how she calls him Buddy.
While I was feeding Daniel last night, Katie Lee was doing her homework. When she finished she wanted some more. I told her to write as many numbers as she could. I really had no idea how many she could write, but I knew she could count over 100. To my surprise and I think hers too, she wrote to 100. She was so excited. She just amazes me how much she is learning. I am so proud of how great she is doing in school. Her reading and writing is awesome too. I love seeing her little books she makes and listening to her read.
Daniel is growing so fast and learning so much too. He is such a sweet baby. He was eating a Belvita cookie and loving it as you can see.

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