Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Today was the day that Katie Lee has been looking forward to for so long. The first day of Kindergarten!! She was so excited!!

Last night as I tucked her into bed extra early, I had a little going to school gift for her. She loved it! We then read a book about going to school and off to sleep she went dreaming about her first day.

Bright and early this morning we were up and getting ready to go. She wanted to leave at 6:05. Boy do I wish she would stay this easy to get her up. HA

We went outside for our new traditional 1st day picture. Who would have thought that is would be 58* on a morning in August.

Daniel was very interested in all that was going on this morning.
Ready to load up. Lalaloopsy bookbag, lunch box, and flowers for the teacher. She is ready to go.
One quick family picture and we were off. Luckily, Grammie came over so she took our picture. Aunt Kitty and Langdon stopped by to wish her good luck, too. "Aunt" Stephanie wished her luck from next door and "Uncle" Scott called her on the way.
Finally we were there. She was all smiles. This picture about got me good. Look how little she looks compared to this big school that she is about to enter. Let's just say a few tears began to flow from me, but I gained my composure by the time I got to my room.

She was ready!!

Once Daddy got to school, it was time to walk her to class. Love that she is right down the hall.

Mrs. Ennis showed her how to unpack and her locker.

Katie Lee and Mrs. Ennis. We have been working on calling her Mrs. Ennis all summer rather that Mrs. Nancy which she has always called her. ( Nancy saw me in the hall later today and told me that KL came to her and whisper, " I know your real name, but I cannot call you it here at school." :0
She was ready to work and ready for us to leave. After a quick kiss and a see you this afternoon, we left her to begin her day.
I picked her up after school from extended day after I got off duty. You could see how sleepy she was but she could not wait to tell me about her day. Oh, she also got a birthday crown. Another little boy's birthday was today and Mrs. Ennis told the class that Katie Lee's was last week. Katie Lee asked to wear her crown. She proudly wore it all day.

I asked her to tell me her favorite part. She quickly named, playground, no Lego's, no doing work, no EVERYTHING!!
We left school and ran to McDonald's to pick up supper about 5 miles from school. Within 10 minutes of leaving school this is how I found her. I think school wore her out.

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