Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun Saturday

Last Saturday was the perfect day to be outside. Katie Lee and I were outside playing by 8 that morning. She decided that she needed her wagon attached to her jeep so that she could pull her critters.

Then it was off to Athens for Art on the Square. Crafts are at the top of this little ones favorite things to do list, so having all this art to make was the BEST!!
She made this little butterfly thanks to the help of the volunteer. There was no butterfly cutouts so he just made her one. She thought he was the best.
After lots of fun on the square and lunch, we came home for a little more play time and a nap. Katie Lee also went next door to play and quickly came back home to back her bags telling me that she was just going to move in with them. I did make her hang her clothes back in the closet, but she took a big suitcase full of her most important things.

This was a wonderful Saturday. I look forward to many more fun weekends outside with Katie Lee in this fall weather.

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Courtney said...

This time of year is my favorite because you can spend so much time outside and all the wonderful festivals. Hopefully you are enjoying another fall weekend today.