Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birth Day

Friday morning, Katie Lee and I headed out to meet one special little boy. It was Langdon's birth day. We got there right after they took Kathryn back. Katie Lee was so excited. She told the hospital lady that she was a big sister. She said that she liked sister better than cousin when I told her that she was a cousin. We had to wait less than 30 minutes before it was time to meet him.

In no time, the nurse came out and announced that we needed to go to the 5th floor to see Langdon. She also said that everything was fine with him and Kathryn, and that he weighed 10 pounds!!! We all rushed up to see the most precious little boy that I have every seen. He was just perfect! I am only showing a few pictures because I really hope that Kathryn will start her blog back up. (Right Sissy, *wink wink*)
Just a doll!!
After Kathryn got to her room, and she and Zeb had time with him it was time for all of us. Katie Lee was so concerned about Aunt Kitty and being able to see her and make sure she was OK. Soon, it was our time to hold him and sing happy birthday. Even Katie Lee got to hold her new "bother." That is what she said that she was going to call him.
Here is another reason why Kathryn is just the best. She even had a gift from Langdon for Katie Lee. We were all wondering how she was going to be since she has been the only one, but she has been great. Langdon gave Katie Lee and new born baby doll. She had to take it out of its cabbage to see if it had a pink or blue diaper. Her baby had a pink one. She was excited that she and Aunt Kitty both had new babies.


Al and Brooke said...

He is adorable!! I love his cheeks! Ya'll have the sweetest little family!

Julie :) said...

How precious! I'm am so happy and proud of your sister! Langdon is a doll. I could pinch his little cheeks. Kathryn... I agree with your sister. Time to blog again. :)