Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Katie Lee woke up crying around 6 Christmas morning saying that Santa had missed our house because there were no gifts under her tree. Donnie went in and told her that he had not forgotten and it was still early. She is never up at 6. Anyway, she was back asleep by the time her head hit the pillow and slept until 7:45 in our bed. Donnie had to go and check on Virg. so I was worried that she would wake up and want to begin Christmas gifts before he got back. Luckily, he walked in about the time she was ready to get up. He told us to look out and see all of the snow. We were both amazed by the beauty of it. By this time, Katie Lee was wide awake and ready for gifts.

This is what Santa left minus the bike that the "elf" had not put together until about 1:00 Christmas eve.
She was so excited to see her gifts.
First stop...a new bike.
gifts from her stocking. She LOVES band-aids so she got two boxes which she wears like jewelry.
a new baby doll
lots of other fun gifts.
including an art easel.
I love this picture because Donnie is actually using his gift right away. It was a clock which he asked for. He put it together and hung it that day.
Merry Christmas from our family.

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