Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Halloween turned into nearly a week long celebration for Katie Lee. Wednesday, she and Grammie went to story time for the Halloween party. Mother said that Katie Lee was so excited that Ms. Pat was back. She had really missed her.

Thursday night, we headed to Elkmont to Boo at the Boss. All the way there, Katie Lee was talking all about what she and Molly were going to do there. I didn't even know if they were coming. Boy was I glad that Molly and Bethany came! The girls had so much fun getting candy from the players.

Friday, Mother dressed Katie Lee back up for their weekly trip to see Price. This was a great surprise for Price! Saturday night was the grand finally--- Trick-or_Treating. She LOVED it!!! What a wonderful week!!

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Gnima said...

Happy Family. Long live your dreams. and be happy always.