Monday, February 9, 2009

Last First Date

Sunday, made eight years since my last first date. It was the day Donnie and I met. A blind date at that. Our dear friends Keri and Neal decided to play match maker with us, so they invited both of us over for supper and a movie. At the time really did not think that anything would come from this date, but I was excited to catch up with Keri. Our date almost did not happen. Unfortunately Donnie got bit by a dog that day out on his route and had to go to the hospital before he came to Keri and Neal's. What a way to try and get out of a date. (HA) Anyway, we ended up having a pretty good time. He took me home that night and I think that we spent every weekend after that together and our friendship and love grew from that day on. Here it is eight years later and I am so thankful to have him as my husband.


A Lovell said...

That is sweet that you can remember the date of your first meeting. I don't have the first clue when Will and I meet or our first date. October maybe?

Julie :) said...

That is so sweet!! Just like a man to try to think of something to get out of a date!! :) jk the two of you are the cutest couple and now you two have a beautiful baby girl. I am so proud of you too!! Now you did something special for him!! Make sure you let him read it!

The Barnett Family said...

I can remember our first date like is was yesterday, and it was over 16 years ago!!! I remember wanted to kiss him sooo badly, but you know you do not kiss on the first date! We ate at Wing's in Hsv. and played Putt-Putt golf and of course rode around Ardmore. :) Congrats on keeping Donnie and your future together as a family!