Monday, September 1, 2008

The Hunt

Today is Donnie's favorite day of the year. This day is better than Christmas. He talks and plans this day for months. I learned after the first year together to never ever plan something this day. FIRST DAY OF DOVE SEASON IN TENNESSEE. This year was no different. The morning began with Donnie pulling out a bunch of guns. How many guns does it take to shoot a dove anyway? Then comes all of the other things needed. He is like a kid on Christmas. He ended up having a pretty good day. He killed his limit and had a great day with the guys.
Not to be outdone, Kathryn, Katie Lee, and I had our own hunt today. The hunt for a good sale. I don't think we had that much luck today, but we did end up with a few things and had fun shopping.

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momx2 said...

Glad ya'll got some girl time in too. She is getting so big!

p.s.I totally don't get the hunting thing. Im glad Nick isnt into it, but he does golf, which is worse, because there is no "season" for that!!!